TORQUE MULTIPLIER 1/2″ TO 1″ 26:1 4500NM

Torque Multiplier (1/2″F x 1″M)
Input torque multiplied by 26 at output
Accuracy at ± 5% in relation to the torque applied
With an anti-backlash device
With rotary angle gauge
2 types of reaction bar (straight and bent) for maximum versatility.
Thanks to its high ratio, there is no need to use heavy and cumbersome tools (such as long lever arms and high capacity torque
Practical, delivered in a plastic carry case for use outside the workshop
CAUTION: manual use only. Do not use the torque multiplier with a pneumatic tool.
No maintenance required and offers an extended life

Ratio: 26:1
Input Square: 1/2″
Output Square: 1″
Max Input Torque Nm: 175
Max Input Torque 130
Max Output Torque Nm: 4500
Max Output Torque 3300

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