Cup Type Oil Filter Wrench Set – 16pcs
3/8″ square drive
Withstands up to 115.2Nm(85 ft.lbs.)
Coated with electro-black oxide finish for protection against rust
1 PC. 1/2″(F)x3/8″(M) adapter
1 PC. 3 legged oil filter wrench (65-120mm)
14 PC. Oil Filter Wrench (66~108mm)


9AE2-10615 – 106mm(4-11/64″)-15 flutes Fiat(Ducato 2.5D. Td), etc….

9AE2-10815 – 108mm(4-8/32″)-15 flutes Volvo(C70. S70. V70. Tdi. TD)(850 Tdi. TD) etc….

9AE2-10818 – 108mm(4-8/32″)-18 flutes Renault(Espace, Laguna, Master, Safrane, Traffic 2.4, 2.5, 2.8D. TD), etc….

9AE2-6606 – 66mm(2-19/32″)-6 flutes Fiat(Punto, 1.2), Renault(Clio 1.2 Express, Kangoo. Rapid. Twingo), etc….

9AE2-7476 – 74 & 76mm(2-29/32″ & 3″)-15 flutes Fits Fram, AC, Saturn, Opel, VW, Audi, Mercedes, etc….

9AE2-7608 – 76mm(3″)-8 flutes Fiat(z.B. Marea), Lancia(z.B. Delta), etc….

9AE2-7612 – 76mm(3″)-12 flutes Fiat(z.B. Ducato, Scudo, Ulysee),Renault, (Megane, Laguna, Espace lll.), etc….

9AE2-7614 – 76mm(3″)-14 flutes Fits Champion, Champ Lee, Purolator, Mopar, VW, Porsche,Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Toyota, Opel, etc….

9AE2-8616 – 86mm(3-3/8″)-16 flutes Volvo(S40, S60, S70, S80) etc….

9AE2-8618 – 86mm(3-3/8″)-18 flutes VW. Golf.(MKIII. Tdi, Passat Tdi), Audi A6 Tdi, Renault(Clio, Rapid 1.9D, Laguna.Safrane. Espace 2.1D). Citroen, Peugeot, Renault, etc..

9AE2-9210 – 92mm(3-40/64″)-10 flutes Fiat, Cinquecento, Coupe, Croma, DAF, Fiat, Panda. Regata, Ritmo Fiat, Seicento. Tempra, Tipo, Lancia(Beta. Dedra. Kappa. Monte. Carlo. Prisma. Thema. Trevi), etc….

9AE2-9315 – 93mm(3-21/32″)-15 flutes Fits Casite, Champ, Champion, GM, Fram, Hastings,Purolator, Wix, Nissan, Volvo, Mazda, Audi, VW, Porsche, Renault, etc….

9AE2-9345 – 93mm(3-21/32″)-45 flutes VW-Audi.(TDi 2.4, 2.6, 2.8L), etc….

9AE2-9618 – 96mm(3-3/4″)-18 flutes Audi(A4 Tdi, VW Passat,97 Tdi), Renault (Laguna 2.2d. Safrane2.2D. Espace 2.2D. R19 2.2D. Rapid, Megane,1.9/2.1D. Tdi) etc..

9AE221 – 1/2″ drive adaptor 1/2″ F x 3/8″ M

9AE423 – 3 legged oil Filter Tool 63-102mm(2-1/2″ to 4″)