1/2″ Torque Extension Bar 
Color coded and engraved with Nm and ft.lb setting
Helps to eliminate overtorqued lug nut
Material – chrome molybdenum alloy steel
Finishing – phosphate sunk

Max. Torque Nm: 190
Max Torque ft.lb: 140
Colour:  White
Length (mm): 195
Weight (g): 331

How to use torque extension bar
1. Use with 1/2″ impact wrench, don’t use by hand.
2. Set air pressure 0.6 MPa (90PSI) and adjust torque value between 190Nm and 210Nm.
3. Select suitable torque extension bar according to wheel nut size and indicated tightening torque.
4. Attach the torque extension bar with socket to impact wrench and apply load.
5. Check the actual tightening torque value by torque wrench.
6. Adjust air pressure or torque value according to the result of above.
7. Tight other wheel nuts in diagonal order.

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