Electrician Tool Set – 38pcs
TO Repair Electronic & Electrician Equipment… etc

Phillips Screwdriver Sizes: Ph0x60 – Ph1x80 – Ph2x100 (1421)


Flat Screwdriver Sizes: 3×75 – 5×75 – 6.5×100 (1422)

Mini Side Cutter 120mm (6207-05)

Half Round Pliers 140mm (6377-55)

Long Nose Pliers 150mm (6316-06)

Electrical Scissors 145mm (6AB12-55)

Crimping Tool 9″ (6732-09)

Solder Wire (6BF11-17)

Desoldering Pump (6BD11)

Utility Knife (7976-65)

Stainless Tweezers (6AF11-125)

PVC Insulated Tape (6AG11-20)

Utility Component Storage Box (87137)

Soldering Aid – Brush / Scraper: For Removing Flux Residue and Surplus Solder  (6BE11-07)

Soldering Aid – Scraper / Curved Probe: For Component & Lead Extraction (6BE12-07)

Soldering Aid – Pointed / Slotted Probe: Fits Wire up to 22AWG. For Wrapping & Unwrapping etc… (6BE16-07)

Solder Iron Stand with Sponge (6BC200)

Solering Iron 40W (6BC24A)

Digital Multimeter (9DM1361)

File Set – 6pcs (1036ZQ)

Hex Allen Key Set Standard Length 1.5 – 10mm (ST20219MY1)

Carry Tool Bag (87721B)