Alternator Tool Set – 22pcs
Specialized in removing & installing freewheel pulleys on alternator
Suitable generator brand : Bosch, Valeo, Magetic Marelli, Denso, etc…
It’s also interchangeable and comprehensive components to work on VW, Audi, Citroen/Peugeot, Mercedes, Renault, BMW

3PC. Combined bit socket –
3/8″DR x M10 x 90mmL / 1/2″DR x T50 x 113mmL / 1/2″DR x M10 x 113mmL
1PC. spline bit socket 1/2″DR x M10 x 110mmL
3PC. 33 teeth socket –15mm HEX x19mm / 15mm HEX x17.5mm / 22mm HEX
2PC. Hex nut –22mm x 30mmL (Ø12.0mm) / 17mm x 35mmL (Ø14.7mm)
1PC. – 35mm Round x 17mm hex (four pin)
1PC. – 38mm Hex adaptor (three pin)
1PC. – 28.6mm Round x H28 x H22 x 32mmL
2PC. – Hexagon head nut –28H x H19 x 35mmL / 28H x H21 x 36mmL
1PC. – M10 x H12 bit 64mmL
6PC. – 10mm shank head bits 75mmL –T40 / T50 / M8 / M10 / H8 / H10
1PC. – 1/2″DR Bit holder

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